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The Secretariat performs activities which are of interest for the Ministry as a whole and which ensure unimpeded, efficient and harmonized work of the organizational units within the Ministry, in addition to professional and other activities pertaining to the needs of the Minister of Interior. It is also in charge of normative-legal issues and general legal affairs and housing affairs. The Secretariat cooperates with other bodies and organizations.

The Secretariat is composed of Department for normative and common legal affairs and Department for housing.

Department for normative and common legal affairs is responsible for organization of preparatory activities and is directly involved in preparation of laws and other regulations pertaining to policing and internal affairs and therefore is in charge of their full and timely harmonization with legal system. Additionally, the mentioned Departments provide their expert opinion regarding drafts i.e. proposed regulations which are submitted to the Ministry for opinion or approval and likewise provide expert legal assistance to the organization units of the Ministry in enforcement of the laws and other regulations relevant for policing and other internal affairs.

Department for housing conducts activities pertaining to resolving housing issues of the Ministry employees; ensures coherent enforcement of the regulations related to housing affairs and directly applies these regulations in view of the organizational units within the Ministry HQ. It is also aware of the housing needs of the Ministry employees and accordingly conducts activities in this field in compliance with law and other regulations.