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Bureau for strategic planning is responsible for strategic planning, strategic analysis, reform projects coordination as well as institutional building of the Ministry of Interior. Its objective is to provide directions, monitor and coordinate the reform processes being implemented by the Ministry of Interior and evaluate status and position of the Ministry as a whole.


Strategic planning is a process designed to determine objective position of the Ministry in any given moment, define objectives that we intend to achieve as well as steps necessary to be taken in order to attain our goals. The Bureau conducts analysis of the present situation, determines strategic directions and goals, defines strategies to be implemented, and exercises strategic control and management.


Law on Police stipulates that the Ministry shall adopt a document on “Strategic Plan of Police”. Appropriate planning and defining ensures job groups identification, adequate assignment of tasks and functional connection of various organizational units which enable more efficient communication and coordination of all activities. A number of processes could be put under control in order to avoid untimely reactions, unnecessary work and engagement of employees and unfavorable results. Bearing in mind that the Ministry of Interior conducts a number of operational and strategic activities, the Ministry as a whole could get better results only if its activities are harmonized in a systematic manner.


To ensure that documents pertaining to a strategy are conceivable and approved by beneficiaries, the Bureau for strategic planning is composed of selected personnel with work experience in different fields within the Ministry of Interior scope of work, since relevant knowledge about various lines of duty is essential in addition to a project writing proficiency and good communication capability.


Chief of the Bureau for Strategic Planning in the Cabinet of the Minister is Dražen Maravić.


Contact phone number: +381-11-313-17-19





Dražen Maravić


Head of the Bureau for strategic planning – Dražen Maravić

Lieutenant Drazen Maravic was born on June 14th, 1975 in Subotica, where he completed his primary and secondary education - "Svetozar Markovic" High School. He graduated from the Faculty of Law, Novi Sad University in 2000.


He completed Diplomatic Academy Studies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Serbia and Montenegro, and passed a diplomatic-consular exam. He specialized in Global and National Security at the Section for International Relations, Faculty of Political Studies, Belgrade University. He is about to obtain his Master Degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology at the Faculty of Law, Novi Sad University. He passed the State Exam for employees in Government bodies in 2003.


Maravic won a Great Britain Government Scholarship - "Chevening Fellowship" for 2006. He completed a training program "Fighting International Organized Crime" in Great Britain, at the CENTREX Police College in Bramshill.


From February 2001 until September 2002, Maravic worked at the District Court in Subotica; from September 2002 until June 2003 he completed his military service in teh Yugoslav Army (VJ). He worked in the Executive Council of Autonomous Region Vojvodina - Regional Secretariat for Sport and Youth as an expert for international cooperation (June 2003 - September 2004). From October 2004 to April 2005 he worked in the Ministry for Economic Relations with Foreign Countries as an expert in the Sector for Multilateral and Regional Trade Cooperation. He has worked in the MoI from April 2005.


He speaks English and basic German.
He is married, with one child.