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Bureau for International Cooperation and European Integration is an organisational unit within the Cabinet of the Minister of the Interior which is in charge of coordination of international cooperation of the Ministry. Work of the Bureau is directed towards the establishment of relations between relevant international subject and other organizational unit of the MoI of the Republic of Serbia in order to synchronize their action in EU association process, and also on development and improvement of international cooperation.


The main aim of the Bureau is the organization and direct implementation of international cooperation of the Ministry of the Interior and provision of necessary conditions for the continuation of international police cooperation on the operational level. These activities imply that they establish and keep contacts on the bilateral level with international organizations as well, and also to establish new contacts and strenghten the existing international cooperation.


In addition to this, the Bureau enables the representatives of the MoI of the Republic of Serbia to actively participate on the various international conferences and seminars in order to implement the priority issues of our foreign policy in the area of internal affairs.


One of the significant activities of the Bureau is related to the direct work and provision of practical assistance to other organizational units of the MoI in their fulfillment of priorities which are defined in the EU Council Resolution and stated in the European Partnership document, and other binding international acts. This Bureau cooperates with organizations of regional and universal character, and also with the international police organizations.The cheaf of Bureau for International Cooperation and European Integration is Igor Perić.


Peacekeeping Missions


In accordance to the Law on Police, which was adopted at the end of 2005, in Article 19 it is stipulated that „ At the request of the international organizations, or in accordance to international treaties of which the Republic of Serbia,or Serbia and Montenegro, is a member or signatory, the police may take part in law-enforcement activities or other peacetime tasks abroad“. This provided a legal base for the secondment of police officers of the MoI to perform their duties within the framework of peacekeeping missions abroad. With the participation in the peacekeeping mission we have fulfilled the international obligations arising from signing and ratification of international instruments, and overtaken the responsibility for the establishment and maintenance of peace in the world.


Bureau for International Cooperation is in charge of organization and coordination of the participation of the representatives of MoI in UN peacekeeping missions.





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