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The Ministry of the Interior attaches special attention to presenting the Ministry in the public, informing and media cooperation, which is facilitated through daily activities of the Media Cooperation Bureau, the organisational unit within the Cabinet of the Minister of the Interior.


The objectives of the Media Cooperation Bureau are the following:

  • systematic, continuous, timely and accurate informing of the public (printed and electronic media) on the relevant activities of the Ministry
  • creating and promoting good public image of the Police and Ministry employees
  • constant and systematic surveying of public opinion, quantity and quality of the space in printed and electronic media (foreign and domestic) dedicated to the Ministry, its work, initiatives and steps taken, events, key persons and managers, analysis of the data provided and their further use in planning future steps and initiatives in the field of propaganda and public relations.

For the purpose of achieving its objectives, the Media Cooperation Bureau:

  • applies standard procedures in media relations
  • verifies the facts on the events requesting police action, on the basis of which it further prepares and releases public statements
  • responds to journalists' requests
  • organises regular and extraordinary press conferences on the activities and matters falling within the competence of the Ministry
  • facilitates meetings between the Ministry and media representatives
  • informs the public through the presence of the Ministry representatives in the media (interviews, statements, participation in TV and radio programmes...)
  • presents the activities of the Ministry on Internet and in the internal magazine ''Police Today'' edited by the Bureau 
  • presents preventive acitivities of the Ministry in the propaganda materials- posters, video clips, billboards...
  • cooperates with the film making and production companies
  • answers to the citizens' questions
  • maintains the MoI services on the Internet site of the e-government
  • engages in preparation and promotion of prevention and other campains...


Bureau monitors every day media information related to the MoI activities, ensuring thereby timely response of the Ministry to inaccurately reported information. By analysing the manner of media reporting on the MoI activities, the MoI personnel gain insight into the public opinion, as well as in the problems of the citizens related to the operation of MoI. The Bureau keeps regular contacts with all media relations officers of the Regional Police Directorates.


After many years of issuing the ''Police Officer'' magazine, the Bureau has redesigned its layout in cooperation with its editorial staff and changed its name into ''Police Today''. The magazine is released once a month, on 24 pages in 6500 copies, except during summer, when two issues are released on 32 pages. Every issue of the magazine will be posted on the Internet site of the Ministry.


Following new trends and experiences of other police services in Europe and America, the Bureau has created profiles on Youtube (page link) and Facebook (page link) that are connected to the official web presentation of the Ministry. The aim is to improve communication with the young as much as possible and to approach the citizens. The profiles on Youtube and Facebook provided citizens with opportunity to give their opinion, remarks, suggestions or ask questions. The administration of the site of the Ministry, Youtube and Facebook accounts is done by the Media Cooperation Bureau.


Benefiting from the opportunities offered by Internet- electronic media with the biggest user group in the world and following modern trends in the field of functionality and design, the Bureau has redesigned the MoU web page, where the users can find information on the Ministry, their own rights and procedures for exercising rights by Serbian and foreign citizens before the Interior authorities.


The Bureau personnel ensure contacts of the citizens and the media with the Ministry. Their work is organised in two shifts, including weekends and holidays, ensuring thereby the continuity of informing.



e-mail: biro@mup.gov.rs • Phone. +381-11-3139-781 • Fax: +381 11 3139-782