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Fundamental activity of the Bureau for complaints and grievances is enforcement of the rules regulating a procedure of resolving complaints filed against police officers by citizens and legal persons who assume that their rights and freedoms have been violated by any unlawful or improper action of a police officer (Article 180, Law on Police and Rulebook on resolving complaints).


The Bureau receives and processes complaints submitted to the Cabinet of the Minister, provides professional and administrative support to the work of a Commission for resolving complaints based within the Ministry HQ, provides professional assistance to the authorized personnel and commissions resolving complaints within the organizational units of the Ministry, keeps prescribed records and provides the Cabinet of the Minister with reports pertaining to submitted complaints, establishes direct contacts with complainants and carries out other activities related to a complaint procedure.


The Bureau maintains regular contacts with citizens and takes actions upon complaints, pleas, proposals and other written documents addressed to the Cabinet of the Minister referring them to appropriate verification process and upon received report, the Bureau responds to the appealers. After a request is approved, the Bureau schedules an interview with a requesting party.


Procedure for resolving complaints (PDF - 102KB, Word doc - 32KB).


Additionally, the Bureau employs personnel authorized to handle requests for free access to public information on the part of the Ministry HQ, resolves requests pertaining to work of the Cabinet of the Minister and also coordinates work providing professional assistance to authorized personnel within the regional police directorates and other organization units of the Ministry.


Since establishment of the Republic of Serbia Human rights Protector Service (Ombudsman), the Bureau has been processing the cases related to requests and recommendations of the Ombudsman and maintains direct contacts with the aforementioned Service in order to promote protection of the rights that citizens exercise within the Ministry of Interior.


Chief of the Bureau for complaints and grievances within the Cabinet of the Minister is Ms. Svetlana Sekulović.


Contact phone number: +381-11-3148-474





Svetlana Sekulović


Head of the Bureau for complaints and grievances – Svetlana Sekulović

Police advisor Svetlana Sekulović was born on 2 March 1957 in Podgorica. She finished primary and grammar school in Belgrade, where she graduated from the Faculty of Law in 1980.


The same year she started working for the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, Secretariat for Inspections, where she was responsible for legal aspects of processing of inspection cases. She was also the Secretary of the work community council. Next, she worked in the Secretariat for the Economy, where, in addition to inspectoral, she also performed second-instance procedure duties.


In 1992 she started working in the Property Rights Administration of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, where she was in charge of affairs related to purchase of socially-owned flats. In 1994 she moved to the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Serbia, where she was a market inspector.


In February 1999 she took up a post in the Belgrade Land Development Public Agency where she was responsible for property rights affairs, after which moved to the Ministry of Trade and Tourism of the Republic of Serbia, Tourist Inspection Sector, where she was the head of the Department for coordination, normative, legal, research and analytical affairs.


In December 2004 she was transferred to the Ministry of the Interior, Cabinet of the Minister.


She has been designated as official authorised to handle requests concerning free access to information of public importance in the seat of the Ministry.