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Mr. PREDRAG MARIĆ, Assistant Minister of Interior and Head of sector for Emirgency Managment


Assistant to the Minister – Predrag Marić

Mr. Maric was born in the town of Smederevo on 14 May 1964. He finished elementary school and Law and Administration High School in his home town. He graduated from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade in 1990. He completed specialised studies at the same faculty on subject of “Terrorism, organised crime and corruption”. He achieved his Master degree in "Terrorism, Organized Crime and Security", at the University of Belgrade, with thesis on "Specifics of disaster management occurred as a result of terrorist acts." He also completed a Multinational Crisis Management Course, NATO School, Oberammergau, Germany.


He started his career in the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia working in the Fire Protection Unit in October 1990. He was in charge of administrative and legal affairs and the control of transport and transit of dangerous goods. In January 2003 he was appointed the Chief of the Inspection and Supervision Department in the Fire Protection Unit. In October 2004 he became Deputy Head of Fire Protection Unit, and on 1 January 2005 he was appointed Head of the Directorate for Fire Protection and Rescue in the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia. In May 2007 he was appointed Assistant Minister of Interior and Head of Sector for Emergency Management in the Ministry of Interior by the Government of the Republic of Serbia and in March 2012 he was appointed to his second five-year mandate.


He has been awarded several times for his work. In 2011, by the decree of the President of the Republic of Serbia he was awarded with Gold Medal for Zealous Service in 2011. In 2004 he received First award of the Ministry of Interior. He received the award The Best Citizen of Belgrade for 2009 which is awarded annually by the Serbian radio-television network Studio B.


He is the author of several books – “Terrorism and organized crime”, “Emergency Management” and „Transit of Explosives”, as well as the Manual on „Administration and inspection supervision in the field of fire protection”. Over the years he has published many research papers and articles in field of emergency and disaster management.


Since 2010 he has been a lecturer at the Criminal Police Academy in Belgrade on the subject of Prevention and suppression of fires, accidents and explosions.


He speaks English and French.